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General FAQ

How can I contact Student Housing in Tilburg?

You can send us an email at with any questions or requirements you might have. 

Host FAQ

Is Student Housing in Tilburg liable for any damages?

No. SHT is a non-profit initiative that does not charge students or house owners subscription fees. We are not responsible for any damages or inconveniences, but we aim to minimize the chances of those occurring. On that note, you are not obliged to host a student any longer than you intend to.

Is it possible to meet the student before inviting them over?

Definitely. We can set up a meeting between you, an SHT representative (optional), and the student beforehand. If you are interested, please reach out to us.

Can I charge rent?

No. We are a mutual aid initiative, meaning you cannot charge rent through us. However, you can ask for a small compensation for costs you might have from hosting them. This amount should be arranged with the student themself.

For how long should I host someone?

Preferably, homeless students should be given at least a week to find a new home. Although it is advisable to let them stay for a minimum of seven days, the period in which you choose to host someone is entirely up to you. In the event that you wish to quit hosting earlier, we will attempt to relocate the student as soon as we are notified — but they are obliged to leave as soon as you ask.

Should I be at home all day?

No, you are not expected to be present at all times. Most hosts give their students a spare key and establish, beforehand, which areas of the house they have access to.

How does the matching process work?

Through our forms, we receive a limited amount of personal information from each applicant. Based on that information, we decide on which student to assign to your accommodation. If you wish to get to know them further in advance, you may send them an email privately. In case you choose not to be their host, we will work towards finding a better match.

Is it a problem if I live far away from Tilburg?

Absolutely not. Your help is much needed regardless of where in the Netherlands you live.

Homeless Students FAQ

Can SHT provide me permanent housing?

No. At the moment, SHT's purpose is to increase your chances of finding a permanent place by temporarily housing you in Tilburg for a maximum of 3 months. We will only match you with people who are willing to host you temporarily.

Will I need to pay rent?

No, SHT is a mutual aid program. However, some hosts might ask you for a small compensation regarding costs they would have from hosting you, which they should tell you about in advance.

Do I need to keep looking for a permanent place to stay?

Yes, once matched with someone who has volunteered to help, you are only allowed to stay the number of days, weeks, or months (maximum three), of their choosing. You are expected to keep searching for more permanent accommodations in the meantime.

How does the matching process work?

Based on the information gathered through our forms, we take into account both parties' needs, availabilities, and personalities when matching hosts and students. Once we find a potential match, we will contact you to check if you are still in need of emergency housing. If so, we will give you the contact details of the selected host so that you can arrange a meeting and proceed from there. 

Can I get a place together with my partner/friend?

If you inform us in advance, we can try to find a place for the both of you, but we cannot guarantee anything. You might have to settle for separate places.

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