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SHT is an initiative in collaboration with Student Party SAM.

SAM is a party in the university council which aims to represent all students of Tilburg University. The party values internationalisation of the university, but sees how students, both international and Dutch, have troubles finding proper housing. To excel at your studies, it is important to be able to live in a safe and welcoming environment. Therefore, SAM wants to take action and supports this initiative by being in close contact with the university in order to provide emergency housing for students. Furthermore, we as SAM want to set up a long term solution for this problem. Are you interested in thinking along with SAM? Please reach out! We are always open to new ideas. You can reach us at


Student Party SAM is the oldest party in the university council of Tilburg University. We aim to represent all students of Tilburg University and do this within four pillars: Quality of Education, Student Facilities, Labour Market, and Personal Development. The SHT initiative perfectly aligns with our pillar of Student Facilities. We believe that proper housing is a must in order to be successful in your studies and therefore we support this project. If you are interested in what we do as a party and want to be a part of it, we offer the possibility to join one of our nine committees which you can read more about on

SHT fully supports Student Party SAM's work ethics, values and beliefs. We, as SHT, could not have gathered the means to turn our vision into reality without their encouragement, enthusiasm and constant assistance throughout. SAM's actions towards a better study environment for all students has moved this project forward incredibly fast, proving their interests reach far beyond the university campus.

Thank You!

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