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Student Housing in Tilburg

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Ahmet Sefa Konuş
Ahmet Sefa Konuş


My name is Ahmet Sefa. I am 22 and I am third year psychology student at Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Turkey. I will be in Tilburg University as an intern this summer. I am looking for an accomodition. I am planning to stay in Netherland between July 29 and October 4. My situation is urgent because I have visa appointment next week and I have to find an accomodition.

I am so friendly person and I love learn new things. It will be my first travelling abroad experience and because of that reason I want to plan that contact with students and young people like me. I love travelling and I want to travel more. In the Netherland, I want to do it more. I love art, especially visual arts. I am looking for new hobbies and making new friends.


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